Best AirPods Deals: Snag Apple’s Best Earbuds and Headphones With Deep Discounts

When it comes to earbuds and headphones, Apple offers a host of great options. The company makes some of our current favorite wireless earbuds and headphones, and you don’t have to be ensconced in the Apple ecosystem to enjoy them. AirPods are far from the cheapest option out there and some of its audio products can stretch to well over $500. Luckily, AirPod deals do pop up from time to time and that’s when you can pick up a new pair of AirPods at a less eye-watering price.

Scroll down to check out the best prices we could find across major retailers. We’ll also update this page as deals come and go, so check back often for the current best prices on AirPods going forward. Don’t see something you like? Our collection of the best headphone deals has something for everyone.

Apple AirPods pricing 2024

Model Apple Store price Best price right now Best all-time price
AirPods 2 $129 $80 $79
AirPods 3 $169 $140 $140
AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) $249 $190 $180
AirPods Max $549 $449 $389

Best AirPods deals


The latest AirPods Pro are among the best noise-canceling earbuds on the market and are a top pick for Apple users.

This model includes the USB-C and MagSafe charging case, although they are almost identical to the excellent AirPods Pro 2, which come with a Lightning case, except for one key feature. Folks who buy a Vision Pro headset will benefit from lossless audio when connecting these earbuds. That’s probably an edge case, but it’s still worth knowing about, especially if Apple adds the same feature to future iPhones and other hardware as well.


Battery Life Rated up to 6 hoursNoise Canceling NoMultipoint NoHeadphone Type Wireless earbudsWater-Resistant Yes (IPX4 — splash-proof)

Unlike the AirPods Pro 2, these third-generation AirPods have an open-air design, so they don’t have active noise cancellation. They still offer some serious improvements over the AirPods 2. The adaptive EQ attunes music to your ear shape, and the battery life has been bumped up to a total of 30 hours. They also have an IPX4 water-resistance rating.

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Battery Life Rated up to 20 hoursNoise Canceling Yes (ANC)Multipoint NoHeadphone Type Over-ear wireless headphonesWater-Resistant No IP rating

Apple’s first full-size headphones are chock-full of high-end features, such as noise cancellation, spatial audio and easy integration with Apple devices. Yes, paying about the same as you would for a PS5 might sound excessive, but here’s the thing: They’re actually kinda worth it, so long as you don’t feel burned by their lack of support for full lossless audio. Just note that the prices vary depending on the color you choose right now.

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Battery Life Rated up to 5 hoursNoise Canceling NoMultipoint NoHeadphone Type Wireless earbudsWater-Resistant Yes (IPX4 — splash-proof)

While the AirPods 2 are the least advanced AirPods on the market, they still boast some impressive specs and are a great choice for those on a tighter budget. They’re equipped with the same H1 chip as the AirPods 3, so they have the same fast connectivity, and they support hands-free Siri access.

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The Studio Buds Plus, the latest generation of Beats Studio Buds, has big improvements. Our reviewer noted better fit and upgraded sound, including better mic placement, noise-canceling performance and voice-calling performance.


Battery Life Rated up to 9 hoursNoise Canceling NoMultipoint NoHeadphone Type Wireless earbudsWater-Resistant Yes (IPX4 — splash-proof)

If you’re an active person, the Powerbeats Pro may be the best headphones for you. With a design that wraps around your ear and tips that fit inside, you get a great fit and some awesome audio. The charging case is bigger than some of the others, but odds are you’ll be tossing it in a bag anyway so it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

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Which AirPods are right for you?

Apple’s wireless audio lineup now includes five models of AirPods, and choosing the right set will depend on the features you care about and the price you are willing to pay. The second-gen AirPods from 2019 are the least expensive option, while the current, third-gen AirPods boast better sound quality with spatial audio. Meanwhile, the AirPods Pro 2, which have active noise cancellation and transparency modes, are Apple’s most advanced earbuds to date and the first to feature Apple’s new H2 chip. The plush AirPods Max, by far the priciest of the bunch, are Apple’s over-ear headphones and come packed with high-end features, although no H2 chip. 

Along with Apple-branded AirPods, there are some Beats-branded earbuds worth considering that also incorporate Apple-made tech for a similarly smooth experience. These include the Beats Fit Pro, which uses Apple’s H1 chip for fast, reliable connections and a sporty design for jamming out while running or otherwise being active. The Beats Studio Buds lack the H1 chip and the AirPods’ stem, but they are lightweight, comfortable and affordable. Similarly, the updated Beats Studio Buds Plus doesn’t have an H1 chip but does have one-tap pairing with Apple (and Android) devices plus Find My support. 

Except for the baseline AirPods 2, all the AirPods listed above (plus the Beats models) are compatible with Apple’s spatial audio features. None of them will deliver the maximum quality of Apple’s lossless audio format, which is too rich for the current Bluetooth wireless standard to handle. 

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