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May 23, 2024 — I want to let you all know about an important payroll transition we are going to be undertaking in June. Currently, we pay our full-time permanent employees before they have actually worked the full two-week period. This causes many challenges when there is a change from hours expected to work and hours actually worked.

Paying people the way we have been doing was a long-term practice among many local governments, but most have switched to paying after the time period – called paying in arrears. Hampton has wanted to switch for several years, but one thing held us up: it would leave a two-week gap period in which people would not get paid. I am pleased to announce that City Council has agreed to provide pay for those two “gap” weeks. Employees should receive their regular amount of take-home pay, with all deductions covered as well. Most of you won’t even notice the change. While it is, essentially, an extra check, employees will not see that money until they retire or leave. At that point, they will have an additional paycheck to cover the two weeks for the different timecard schedule. You will get more explanation in the coming days.

Along with this change, we are implementing more strict timecard policies: You will need to complete and approve your timecards weekly instead of every 2 weeks. They must be on time and complete. That will make the process automated and reduce workload and payroll errors.

Many other localities who have made this switch have required employees to use leave time or go without pay. I did not want this to happen to you, and neither did your City Council. We know that our city team is extremely dedicated, and that you all give extra effort when it’s required to get the job done, so we definitely wanted to take care of you in this transition. We are fortunate to have end-of-the year savings to be able to do so.

Again, I want to thank all of you for your tremendous effort on behalf of the city. I know that I also speak for City Council, and they share my appreciation for your hard work.

— Mary

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