How AI video games can help reveal the mysteries of the human mind

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I’ve combed the internet to find you today’s most fun/important/scary/fascinating stories about technology.

1 Apple is planning to bring AI features to the Vision Pro
It must be hoping that this could boost sales of the device, which have been disappointing so far. (Bloomberg $)
The Vision Pro is now on sale outside the US. (Ars Technica)

2 Detroit is changing how its police use facial recognition
It’s making the rules much stricter, after bad matches led to three wrongful arrests. (NYT $)
The movement to limit face recognition tech might finally get a win. (MIT Technology Review)

3 What is AI search good for?
Given the errors, it’s best to think of its answers as a starting point rather than the final word. (Vox)
Here’s why chatbots make things up—and why it’s such a deep-rooted problem. (MIT Technology Review)
OpenAI has built an AI tool that it says can spot hallucinations. (IEEE Spectrum)

4 Amazon plans to spend over $100 billion on data centers over the next decade
And yep, you guessed it: it’s all about meeting demand for AI tools. (WSJ $)
Amazon is copying Shein and Temu’s playbook, prioritizing cheapness over speed. (The Atlantic $)

5 Brazil’s Pantanal fire season is already breaking records
And it isn’t even meant to have started yet. (ABC)
+ How NASA is using AI and drones to tackle wildfires. (CNET)
Meet the scientists trying to understand the world’s worst wildfires. (MIT Technology Review)

6 Combined covid-flu vaccines are coming
Moderna has just completed successful phase III trials for the drug. (Nature)
The next generation of mRNA vaccines is on its way. (MIT Technology Review)

7 These parents are campaigning for a phone-free childhood
They’re trying to do the right thing—but the odds are painfully stacked against them. (The Guardian)
New York City plans to ban phones from schools. (NPR)

8 There’s a big problem with electric vehicles: buggy software
When you add more complexity, you add more points of failure. (The Verge)
How did China come to dominate the world of electric cars? (MIT Technology Review)

9 Hot AI Jesus is all over Facebook
And he appears to be astonishingly popular engagement bait. (The Atlantic $)

10 Tennis hopes to use video games to win over new fans
After all, it’s worked well as a strategy for soccer. (FT $)

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