Logitech introduces MX Ink stylus for Meta Quest mixed reality headsets

In a nutshell: Logitech has teamed up with Meta on the first mixed reality stylus for Meta Quest. The Logitech MX Ink affords the familiarity of a 2D stylus, except in mixed reality. It is compatible with Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3, and pairs via the Meta Quest app. Users will be able to switch between the Quest’s usual paired controllers and the MX Ink at will, without workflow interruption.

The stylus functions just as you’d expect, with a pressure-sensitive tip that works across multiple physical surfaces. Compared to the Quest’s controllers, the stylus offers a much higher level of precision to create, annotate, and navigate. It features three controls at the front as well as a Meta button at the top, incorporates haptic feedback, and is equally suited for use as a pen or wand.

Logitech recommends pairing the stylus with MX Mat, a low-friction 2D surface designed specifically for the Ink’s tip. The pad features a “performance-tuned” polycarbonate top surface opposite an anti-slip base made of 72 percent natural rubber.

MX Ink is fully customizable. In the Meta settings, users can choose between right- or left-hand orientation, adjust tip pressure curves, and remap button functions.

Battery life is rated at seven hours. The stylus can be recharged using Logitech’s Inkwell charging dock using the pogo pin ports on the pen, or via USB-C cable. The dock is included in one bundle, but you can get the stylus by itself and save a bit of cash.

Logitech’s MX Ink for Meta Quest will be available from late September. Pricing starts at $129.99 for the stylus by itself and climbs to $169.99 with the Inkwell charging dock. The MX Mat, meanwhile, will sell for $49.99 and should be available in late September.

Logitech said the tips will also be replaceable, but no word on how much they’ll go for. A wrist strap seems like a quality accessory idea as well; perhaps that’ll come down the line in a future revision or as an add-on.

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