News Flash • A Virtual Tour of Hampton

Hampton, Coastal Virginia’s geographic center, features potential development sites where Interstates 64 and 664 converge. With 160,000 vehicles daily traversing the highway overlooking its grounds, the campus is the site of nationally recognized event venues Hampton Coliseum, Hampton Roads Convention Center, and new Hampton Virginia Aquaplex. 

 Hundreds of thousands of guests annually visit the waterfront campus for conventions, concerts, and sporting events. Parcels on site, ranging from 3.7, 10.6, 13, 20.49, and 22.25 acres, present stellar locations within view of the interstate and exhibit opportunities to enhance the current event venues with additional mixed uses. 

 “The site’s architecturally appealing assets capture the interest of every driver that passes the site,” said Lynch. “This kind of visibility for a development is rare in Virginia. A developer with vision will understand and see the potential for the future development.”

 Developers can virtually visit the site and tour the campus, venues and parcels at [] through a three-dimensional model and 360 Matterport tour. While the digital tour showcases the venues and serves the needs of event planners, it was strategically produced to allow developers to see the size, accessibility and potential of the available parcels.   

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