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“Chained in the Dungeons of the Cape Coast: An Autoethnography of Resistance and Remembrance”
by Chadra Pittman, Founder and Executive Director of The Sankofa Projects
Monday, June 3, 7-8 pm
Museum members free, non-members $5

Join Chadra Pittman for photo travel journal of her time spent in Accra, Ghana West Africa. This annual Port Hampton lecture is a Pre-Remembrance event to contextualize the spiritual ceremony that will take place on Saturday, June 8th at 11am at Outlook Beach at Fort Monroe. 

Like the name of her organization, Sankofa, Pittman invites you to metaphorically to travel “back” in time. In this autoethnography, she will share her personal experiences as a Feminist Anthropologist travelling to a 17th century African Burial Ground in New York to Benin, West Africa, Fort Amsterdam in Kormantin-Abandze, along the Gold Coast to Buckroe/Bayshore Beach and concluding at Fort Monroe in Virginia. She will highlight historic sites in Ghana and give voice to the enslaved like Olaudah Equiano, Frederick Douglass, Sally Smith, and resurrect memory through ethnographic accounts by Zora Neale Hurston. She will address and challenge theories of the construction of race, collective memory, and cultural continuity drawing on the work of preeminent scholars of history and anthropology.

From the banning of books to the current restrictive legislation around Critical Race Theory, Pittman will address the historical and contemporary erasure of the history, culture, and lives of marginalized groups. Through the educational and cultural programs of The Sankofa Projects, she has worked to fill in these missing chapters in the annals of slavery and ensure that they find their rightful place within the historical record. Pittman has long contested that “Slavery is American and International history, and that the history of slavery remains gravely incomplete if you do not tell the truth about the massacre which occurred in the dungeons and on the Middle Passage.”  

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