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May 17, 2024 – The City of Hampton is going to change the way permanent full-time employees are paid. Most won’t even know anything is different except that they need to file a timecard in Kronos every week instead of every two weeks. 

Right now, permanent full-time employees are paid based how many hours we think they are going to work. The timecard doesn’t get turned in until after the employees have gotten their check. 

(This isn’t an issue for WAE employees, who are already paid after their hours have been worked.)

That creates some problems, especially for payroll, but sometimes for employees. If someone takes leave they don’t actually have, it needs to be repaid to the city. It’s also a lot of manual work to fix those types of errors.

The city wants to switch to paying in arrears, which is the practice at most other localities and private businesses. City Council has agreed to cover the cost so no one misses a paycheck. Making that switch would normally cause a gap in paychecks, and in some other localities, workers had to use leave time to cover that gap.

Here’s how it will work the first time:

•    Normally, workers get paid hours for the time period June 1-14 on the 14th (or earlier), with the estimated hours.

•    They would file a timecard by the following Tuesday (June 18) showing that they actually worked those hours.

•    This time, the city will compensate workers at their regular rate as a one-time conversion that is the equivalent to what they would normally receive for their hours for June 1-14. 

•    The paycheck for the hours worked June 3-14 will arrive June 28 (or sooner), which puts us back on schedule.

•    Employees won’t really see a difference. They will still get 26 paychecks in 2024.

•    They will, however, see those extra two weeks after they leave or retire, because pay checks will now lag the weeks you have been paid for.

Conversion pay will be taxed at the same rate as regular wages. All regular deductions will be the same. There will still be 26 paychecks during calendar year 2024. 

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