News Flash • Police pinning ceremony promotes first black fe

June 6, 2024 — The Hampton Police Division’s pinning ceremony on Wednesday at the police training center marked the formal promotions of law enforcement officers, including Lieutenant Ashley Jenrette, who became the first black female ever to rise to that rank in the HPD.

“The first black female lieutenant was something that one day was bound to happen,” Lt. Jenrette said. “The fact that it’s me is something that makes me proud, but more than that, it’s a huge step for the division as far as diversity. That’s something police departments need to do a better job of, making the police department reflect the community. I think that Hampton Police Division is doing a great job of that.”

Lt. Jenrette started with HPD in 2006 as a civilian information clerk, and she began her career as a police officer in 2008. She was subsequently promoted to senior police officer (2014), corporal (2016) and sergeant (2019).

“I earned the position of lieutenant, not having anything to do with my race or my gender,” she said. “It’s the work that I put in over the years. But I didn’t get here alone. There are a lot of women who came before me who helped pave the way and helped guide me. I’ve been supported all along by people in the Hampton Police Division and in my personal life, and I am grateful for everything those people have poured into me to get me to this point. I will show my gratitude by trying to pull up those who come behind me.”

Lt. Jenrette grew up in Hampton and is a graduate of Hampton High School and Hampton University.  She said she grew up in a neighborhood with a lot of crime and a lot of police activity, and she is proud that as a law enforcement officer she has been able to develop strong and positive bonds between residents and the HPD.

Because of her work with HPD and in the community, she was part of the delegation that helped earn Hampton its All-America City designation in 2023.

She and her husband, Asa, were founding members of the Virginia Eagles Athletic Association, which reaches out to youth in various sports as a means of community outreach. That athletic program, started from scratch in 2016, now services hundreds of community members. While the athletic program is not affiliated with HPD, Lt. Jenrette said it reflects a similar commitment to the community.

“When I look back, I realize that so much of what I do has been about serving others,” Lt. Jenrette said. “We see sports as an opportunity to get into individuals’ lives at a young age and hopefully make them productive adults by teaching life skills through sports.”

Lt. Jenrette has been assigned to the Operations Branch, Night Shift, Chesapeake Sector, 4th Platoon.

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