PC compatibility for PS VR2 is one step closer with recent adapter certification

In context: Sony’s PS VR2 is unquestionably one of the better virtual reality headsets on the market. It is highly competitive with Meta’s Quest 3 in price and performance. However, for a device costing about $500, the PS VR2’s biggest weakness is its PC incompatibility.

The lack of PC support was one of the most vocally griped about aspects of the device and likely was part of the reason Sony didn’t sell as many as expected. Locking it into a proprietary platform might have been its biggest mistake. So in February, with sales at a trickle, Sony finally saw the error of its ways and promised PC compatibility by the end of 2024.

We are beginning to see Sony fulfilling the first steps in that promise with a recent regulatory certification in Korea. First spotted by VR enthusiast and EOZ VR’s mixed-reality project manager Brad Lynch, the filing lists a PC adapter for the PS VR2. The headset is plug-and-play with the PlayStation 5 via USB-C – a standard on nearly every PC released for at least the last five years.

So, the device doesn’t require a connectivity adapter; it needs a piece of hardware that translates the PS5-based communication of the device to something a PC can understand. It will likely come in the form of a hub or, if it is small enough, a USB-C-to-USB-C or wireless dongle. My guess would be the former to ensure the best performance.

Other than the adapter’s existence, nothing else is known about it. Guessing at a price is purely speculative, but I would venture that Sony will bundle it with new headsets and offer it free upon request to those who already own the device. It did something similar with its first-generation PSVR headset to make it compatible with older PlayStation cameras.

A PS VR2 PC adapter could be just what Sony needs to pull its headset sales out of the toilet. Initially, Sony priced units at $550. It has since dropped the MSRP to $450. Meanwhile, Meta’s Quest 3 still sells for $500 to $650 at Best Buy, so Sony’s price point for an arguably better headset is very enticing, especially for those just jumping into VR gaming on the PC.

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