Rivian’s new lineup of R1 pickups and SUVs feature Nvidia chips for enhanced performance

Forward-looking: In the highly competitive electric vehicle market, Rivian’s second generation flagship vehicles have an edge: the dual Nvidia Drive Orin processors powering their Autonomy Compute Module. This upgrade improves range, performance, and computing power. The carmaker claims the system delivers 10 times more performance than before and features eight times the number of camera megapixels, along with redundant sensors. Additional enhancements include the integration of Apple Music into the software platform and the ability to share keys digitally with family and friends.

Rivian has unveiled the second generation of its flagship vehicles, the all-electric R1S SUV and R1T pickup. These models have been reconfigured with hundreds of hardware improvements, performance upgrades, a fully redesigned software experience, and enhanced in-house drive systems. Central to these advancements is the integration of advanced Nvidia chips.

The inclusion of Nvidia technology is part of Rivian’s strategy to stay ahead in the highly competitive electric vehicle market and solidify its reputation for cutting-edge innovation.

Rivian said the advanced Autonomy Compute Module includes driver-assistance features powered by 11 cameras, five radars, and AI prediction technology. The system can see far into the distance even in poor weather and light conditions, the carmaker added.

The features, including high-resolution camera Blind Spot Monitoring and Highway Assist, come standard on all vehicles. The premium version of the system offers even broader capabilities, such as Lane Change on Command available at launch, with Enhanced Highway Assist available later this year, and expanded road coverage to follow.

A Rivian-designed and built drive unit, offered in Tri-Motor and Quad-Motor configurations, delivers 0-60 mph in less than 2.5 seconds and 1,198 lb-ft of torque when using Launch Mode. A Rivian-built Dual-Motor is also available. New Large and Max battery packs provide up to an estimated 420 miles of range.

Other new enhancements include the ability for Rivian owners to use car keys in Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch, or with certain Google Pixel devices, to unlock and start their vehicles. They can even share keys digitally with family and friends.

Connect+, a new subscription service, supports streaming video through Google Cast and provides access to more than 3,000 apps. Rivian also collaborated with Apple Music to integrate this feature into Rivian’s software platform, giving drivers access to Apple Music’s catalog of over 100 million songs and 30,000 playlists, ad-free.

Pricing for the second-generation R1S will start at $75,900, while the R1T will start at $69,900.

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