Sony is reportedly sitting on a finished PC port of The Last of Us Part 2

Rumor mill: Sony has kept the timing of its PlayStation-to-PC game conversions inconsistent to maximize potential sales. A new report indicates that development schedules don’t always dictate the PC release dates. If the rumor proves accurate, it could help avoid a repeat of the issues faced with The Last of Us Part 1’s PC release.

Established leaker Billbil-kun from Dealbreakers reports that Sony finished production on a PC port for The Last of Us Part 2 late last year. The company hasn’t mentioned a PC conversion of the game, but almost every first-party PlayStation game from the past few years has received one.

Development on The Last of Us Part 2 for PC reportedly began in 2021 and has been completed since at least November 2023. One can only speculate why Sony would sit on a finished product for so long, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the company is waiting until season two of the wildly successful HBO series begins airing next year.

Sales of the PlayStation games spiked during the first season’s run, and a PC conversion of the sequel – upon which season two is based – is the only significant new product Sony could prepare in time for the new episodes. Recent comments from Hermen Hulst, one of PlayStation’s two new CEOs, also suggest this is Sony’s plan. Hulst admitted to taking a strategic approach when releasing single-player games on PC, mentioning media tie-ins like the TV series.

The extra time might also result in a more polished port than the PC version of The Last of Us Part 1, which felt rushed out the door in time for the season one finale. The critically acclaimed second entry received a PlayStation 5 remaster earlier this year, which included improved graphics, a new roguelike mode, and demos of deleted levels.

Sony’s latest PC release, Ghost of Tsushima, earned strong sales and critical acclaim. The company recently confirmed that a port of God of War: Ragnarok will arrive on September 19. Unfortunately, the game will require a PlayStation Network account, ensuring it will be unavailable in dozens of countries that don’t support the service.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the PSN requirement also applied to The Last of Us Part 2. This requirement became so controversial that Sony rescinded it from Helldivers II – the company’s most popular PC release by far – and only enforced it for Tsushima’s co-op mode.

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