Spatial Video recording is coming to third-party apps

During the WWDC 2023 keynote, Apple introduced Vision Pro, its first spatial computer. Alongside this new device, the company also unveiled Spatial Video. This feature lets users rewatch recorded videos with depth, so they feel like they’re living that moment again.

While Apple Vision Pro was only released eight months after its announcement, Apple added Spatial Video recording to the iPhone 15 Pro. At the time, the company explained that it would use the main and the ultra-wide angle lenses to capture an image simultaneously to create depth. However, this feature would be limited to the iPhone’s built-in camera.

Now, with Apple Vision Pro available, and rumors hinting that even the regular iPhone 16 models will record Spatial Videos, Apple has announced during a WWDC 2024 coding session (via MacRumors) that third-party apps will be able to add this feature to their apps once iOS 18 is released.

With a new API built into existing camera-related frameworks, the company says it’s going to be easy for developers to implement this feature. While it’s unclear why Apple decided to make this change, it’s likely to help boost Apple Vision Pro interest, as sales seem to be declining.

In addition, Apple announced a partnership with Canon for a new lens that can capture Spatial Videos.

Alongside iOS 18 enabling Spatial Video recording in third-party apps, Apple is also adding several new features, such as the ability to lock and hide apps with Face ID, new text effects for Messages, and even revamped versions of Notes, Calendar, and Calculator.

Unfortunately, the iOS 18 beta cycle still has a long way to go, but BGR will keep bringing the latest news about this upcoming operating system update, and we’ll make sure to let you know once we find more tips and tricks about it.

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