The 6 Best Linen Sheets for Cool and Comfy Summer Sleeping (2024)

I fell in love with linen bedding years ago. I bought a bright yellow linen duvet I was certain would bring my bedroom together. The yellow was just a phase, but sleeping on linen just clicked. Linen has a rougher texture and a lived-in look, which can turn some folks off from sleeping on it. But the fabric is breathable and dries fast, so you’ll stay cooler as you sleep and avoid sweaty sheets. (That’s why linen apparel is popular in the summer.)

Linen is also strong and durable, softening up (slowly) after each wash without becoming thinner or weaker. Linen tends to be more expensive and since high-quality linen will last a long time a linen sheet set is an investment not only in staying cool as you sleep (which is very important for sleep quality) but also in gorgeous bedding you can enjoy for years.

I love sleeping on linen so long as it isn’t too scratchy, which is one of the many things I looked for while testing and searching for the best linen sheets. I also looked for breathability and airflow, weight of the sheets, and looked for any other texture or temperature issues beyond linen’s infamous scratchy-ness, and compared sheets based on these factors. I also researched where each set sources their linen from, and where it’s produced (which can impact both the quality and the price point). These are the best linen sheets I’ve slept on, all having been tested for at least seven nights and at least two washes. I always wash sheets before my first night of testing and I tend to rotate my sheets every few nights.

Read our Best Sheets guide if you want something a little softer, and check out our other bedding buying guides, including the Best Pillows, Best Mattresses, Best Cooling Mattresses, and whether you need a duvet.

Updated June 2024: We’ve added more details about our testing process, a review of Naturepedic’s linen sheets, and an explainer on where linen comes from.

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What’s So Great About Linen?

Bed made with white and natural linens a side table with a vase of hydrangeas and a cup of tea

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Linen is a woven fabric made from flax plants. It is a highly breathable material so it keeps you cool during the summer months as it doesn’t trap heat. It’s great for people who sleep hot. It’s rougher at first than a simple cotton set, but it should soften up the more it’s washed. Linen often has a higher price than other sheets, but it’s generally more durable than percale or cotton, so a good sheet set should last a long time.

They’re not for everyone, but if you love linen apparel, you’ll probably love linen sheets. If you’re unsure, start with a single piece (like a duvet or flat sheet) and see what you think. Most of the options we recommend come in a linen set, but you can also buy many of these pieces separately, allowing you to try a linen pillowcase or fitted sheet before wading into a full-on linen bed.

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