The Apple Watch Series 9 and Google Pixel Watch 2 Are on Sale

Sometimes you have a heads-up on deals events, and other times, you’re pleasantly surprised at a discount. Today we encountered the latter. Two of our favorite smartwatches are on sale for nearly the best prices we’ve tracked all year, and we’ve found a smattering of other tried-and-tested fitness tracker deals too.

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Apple Watch Deal

The Apple Watch Series 9 (7/10, WIRED Review) is the best smartwatch for iPhone owners. The $100 discount at Best Buy and Target is one of the best deals we’ve ever tracked. It comes running watchOS, an excellent operating system (Apple announced several new features during WWDC today). It has the features you’d want in a smartwatch, like fitness insights, automatic fall detection, and an electrocardiogram. It can also track pretty much anything, from your fitness to your calendar, and offers excellent quality-of-life improvements. Sadly, the battery still requires daily charging.

I never thought I’d be a smartwatch person until I was gifted an Apple Watch for Christmas. There are so many little things I can do every day without pulling out my phone (and getting distracted by a TikTok notification). That includes adjusting my Spotify playlists, tracking a workout, replying to texts, starting timers while I’m cooking, or getting turn-by-turn directions while using Apple Maps. I also never miss a meeting since my wrist vibrates to alert me when one starts soon—a huge boon if I’m working away from my laptop. Check out our Best Apple Watch Accessories and Best 3-in-1 Apple Chargers guides for helpful accessory recommendations.

Pixel Watch Deal

The Pixel Watch Series 2 (7/10, WIRED Review) is the best smartwatch for Android phone owners. It’s gorgeous—seriously, it’s one of the prettiest smartwatches out there—and has plenty of fitness, health, and safety features, including automatic workout detection, fall detection, and Safety Check, which can share your location with certain contacts if you don’t respond within a set time frame. The Google Pixel Watch 2 is comfortable on the wrist and speedy, and the Wear OS system is constantly getting better. This deal is one of the lowest we have ever tracked.

More Smartwatch Deals

We found a few more deals. You can read more about these devices in our Best Smartwatches and Best Fitness Trackers guides.

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