You can now 3D print your own laptop

What if your next computer was a 3D-printed laptop? It sounds ridiculous, but it might not actually be that far off. That’s because Framework, a company that has made a name for itself with its modular laptops, has released open-source 3D CAD files for its most popular laptop, giving users full access to the design.

The main gist here is that giving its community access to the files via open-source 3D CAD files will allow Framework fans to create various mods for the laptop. But it also opens the door for users to potentially 3D print the full laptop, too. You’d still need to put all the pieces together—including the internal hardware—but it’s an interesting step that could pay off for Framework in big ways.

Framework has made itself known by providing extremely moddable products in the past, and giving users the ability to create a 3D-printed laptop is a huge step toward opening new doors for the modding community. In fact, members of the community have already started working on new things.

One member of the community, Joseph Schroedl, has created an open-source RGB LED Matrix that can be retrofitted into the normal LED Matrix Input Module. Others like EmilioP have designed a new carrying case for the Expansion Bay modules that the Framework 16 uses.

The company says its main hope in releasing the open-source CAD files was to kickstart the mod community and make it possible to create 3D-printed laptop replacement parts and other accessories—which we’re already seeing. Considering these laptops’ already more open and repairable nature, it isn’t surprising to see so many jumping on board with the idea.

It will be interesting to see what the community does with full access to the CAD files, as they’ve already shown a lot of interest in modding the laptops beyond their standard design without the level of access that Framework has just provided. Perhaps we’ll even see other companies taking cues from Framework in the future—at least on repairability. Hey, one can hope.

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